Should I be thanking the Boston Red Sox?

“To Beat the Devil,” the newest Mick Murphy Key West Mystery, is on Kindle and has been for about 18 days. As of this writing, it has sold 152 copies and ranks about 9,600 in Kindle sales. I guess that’s good because follow blogger Mike J, as well as some other writer friends have contacted me and asked what I did to get so many sales and a good ranking.

I tell them “nothing.” But that might not be true. I started thinking after the third email came in asking that questions. I’ve adds coming, but not until June 15 in Kindle Nation and in July for Digital Book Today.

The only thing I can think that I’ve done is for April 1st, (yeah, I know April Fool’s Day but this was no trick) I put most of my Kindle books for free with the caveat that anyone who took a free book that day had to think good thoughts for the Boston Red Sox and negative thoughts for the damn New York Yankees.

April 1st was the opening Yankee games at Yankee Stadium and, as usual, they played Boston. I had a lot of takers, in the high 2,000s and my ploy must have worked because Boston won the game and series.

I got to thinking that those that took the free books might’ve liked them and when “To Beat the Devil” came out, they wanted it. I put the book for sale at $4.99, the highest price I’ve asked for a book and it is selling. Now to see if the adds help push sales or maybe only Red Sox fans are buying!

Any thoughts?

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