What do you expect me to write on New Year’s Eve? Come on, it’s gotta be a list of my promises to myself on what I will do better than I did in 2013. Of course, these lists any of us make usually fade into oblivion within weeks; the good ones among us may make it a month or two and those out there with no life might make it through to the next year. I hate those people!

What’s on the top of my list? I want to write more, or maybe write longer, stretching my writing time into the early afternoon.

Next, I want to finish a book in six months. Do #1 and maybe that’s possible.

I want to read more. I love reading and really need to get some of those stacked books off the shelf before it breaks. If you write, you need to read and while I do read, I want to spend more time reading and less time watching TV or sleeping.

However, my wife and I record the programs we like and watch them a day or two after they’ve aired. This is quality time for us. Probably the one thing we do together that we both enjoy. So, I cannot eliminate TV. I watch the 6 pm local news and the 6:30 pm network news. Sometimes in the morning, with my coffee and the papers, I watch Morning Joe. That surprises many of my friends because I am a bleeding heart liberal, but the show is mostly evenly matched and has some great debates. I’m not closed minded, just a Boston Liberal. I record Morning Joe too, but what I don’t catch in the morning, I rarely ever watch later in the day. Maybe that should go on my list? Watch Morning Joe at night.

Ok, like about 99% of us that ain’t in the 1% who have it all, I need to exercise. Think about it. A writer’s only exercise is pacing the room. For me that includes under the house. My house is built eight-feet above the flood plain, by Monroe County ordinance. I like it. The space is like a Florida room and I can smoke my cigar and sip my Jameson’s while using my laptop to write. But, alas, it ain’t exercise.

I suppose if I keep the list short enough I might actually extend the life of some item to two months! Okay, what’ve I got? 1) write more, 2) read more, 3) write a book in six months; 4) watch Morning Joe at night, and 5) exercise.

I think #1 & #3 could go together, but what the hell, the list is short and so is life.

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2014?


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