January 2nd…

C.E. Grundler

So, this is how I see the calendar, this time of year.

December 31st, often under the influence of something of the alcoholic variety, resolutions are made, often with the best of intentions. You know the drill — I’m going to eat healthier, exercise more, get more sleep. All uttered while staying up till the wee hours of the morning, glass in hand and surrounded by a spread of less than healthy dining options.

January 1st, bleary-eyed from too much food, drink, and too little sleep,  wake somewhere around noon to groan and pull a pillow over burning eyes. Seriously, no one EVER starts their New Years Resolutions on New Year’s Day. New Year’s Day is the day to sleep it off, reheat the still abundant holiday leftovers, and vow that “Tomorrow I start, for real.” Be sure to say that with sincerity — it counts more that way.

January 2nd. Okay. It’s officially Tomorrow. At least, according to yesterday it is. And if that statement makes sense to you, then you’re still catching up on that whole ‘get more sleep’ thing as well. Let me know if you’re having any better luck than me, and please, please, tell me how.

Anyhow, here it is, 1/2/14, and it’s time to get down to business. For me, aside from the usual promises, there’s that business of writing and getting that &@%#*$ boat out of that shed and afloat at last. The trick to achieving all of these things (see December 31st general resolutions,) or at least as much of as many of them as possible, is to keep myself on track and not let myself get derailed. And therein lies the challenge, because getting derailed has been a constant over the last year(s). Don’t get derailed. That’s the idea, in theory at least. Ask me in May and I’ll let you know how that’s worked out.

So here’s my plan. Step one: at long last (1/1/14)FINALLY download a trial to Scrivener. Realize that a house full of hung-over people playing loud video games is not conducive to focusing. Sleep. Wake up next morning (or thereabouts,) wake up computer, (seems hungover as well,) run through the tutorial (my current position,) and start using that program, (see this post, as an example.) I know many of you swear by Scrivener, though I believe the first time I checked the program out, a Windows version was still in development. So far, I’m really liking what I’m seeing, and I can understand why this program might be a wonderful aid in getting far too many thoughts rounded up and organized into a complete draft. Over the last few months, keeping my notes collected and organized has been like herding cats. Scrivener appears to have numerous Cat Herding functions, so I think this might help. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

Come May, we’ll see how far I’ve gotten. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll include a picture of myself, smiling on the deck of my boat, in the sun, in an absolutely adorable little bikini. That is, so long as I stick to ALL my resolutions.

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