Happy New Year!

C.E. Grundler

I love New Years Day. January 1st always holds a special place in my heart…technically, January 2nd, but New Years Day is close enough. It’s not for any particular traditions, in fact New Years Eve has always been my night to absolutely positively NOT go out. But as I see it, NYD marks the end of the Holiday Season. You know, that chaotic, crazy time of year when everyone seems to go into rush mode, while we’re all bombarded with messages that we should all be jolly and caught up in the excitement of parties, gifts and food. I’m not knocking all that fun, but even on a scaled back level, the time between Thanksgiving and today can be downright exhausting.  And when all I can think about, all I want to think about, is a fictional world where everything is going to hell in every way possible, it’s hard to focus on all the festivities demanding my participation.

So no resolutions right now, just a desire for some peace and quiet, and best New Years wishes to all.


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One Response to Happy New Year!

  1. gerald dowling says:

    C.E. how can we be quiet and enjoy a peaceful January the first when Dillards has their annual big time sale. Like sixty per cent off regular price and another fifty percent off that? I mean the aisle between the ladies shoes and Tommy Bahama where they had a huge selection of tall to the knee leather boots in boxes to fit. Going through that line of women just made my day. They showed a big spirit and were full of the New Year and carried their new boxes with pride. Just watching their expressions was worth the turmoil. They didn’t notice any of us passing along. I even stopped and offered my free hand to a small woman that wasn’t from the South so she could try on some ankle high boots. They didn’t fit, and she looked at me strangely. Boy did they sell the boots. Just go with it and get back to work next Monday.

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