A day off…

The view from Silver Dock to the fuel docks and North Yard

The view from Silver Dock to the fuel docks and North Yard

C.E. Grundler

I’m taking the day off from the marina, and I mean truly taking the day off. My co-workers have warned I’m not to come anywhere near the property until tomorrow morning…though that doesn’t mean I don’t have my pages of member and transient slips at close hand and I’m not still calling and on call to the office. But this is the first day I’ve fully and completely taken off since this whole whirlwind began. Things are running great, knock on wood, aside from the usual day-to-day marina/boatyard hiccups. Hydraulics went out on the travel lift, the entire computer system had to be updated (translation, no computers for two days,) and there are always small fires to put out…including a burning bush in the parking lot. I kid you not. I get this whole initiation-by-fire thing I’ve landed in, but a burning bush? By time I reached that fire with the extinguisher it was already under control – some quick-thinking boaters turned to their coolers, pouring beer and melted ice over the flames. I gave it a quick shot with the extinguisher, and by then the fire department was pulling up, though I assured them the fast acting Beer Brigade had things well under control.

On that note, I’m going out for a bit. Walking the acres of docks and wrangling boats into slips has shaved a good 12 unwanted pounds off me, and I need some new  clothes.

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