I’m not even supposed to be here today…

C.E. Grundler

…but I am. Here, that is, at the marina, herding boats.  We’re averaging around 40 boats a week, though sometimes they all arrive on Friday afternoon. This week, rather than a naval invasion involving dozens of small boats, we’re being descended upon by only a few – a 57′, 52′, 70′, 150′, another 52′, 47′,  60′, and yet another 70′, as well as any last-minute arrivals.

I knew going in that this job was going to be a lot of work, and it’s certainly lived up to those expectations and then some, and it certainly hasn’t been dull.  And eventually things will (hopefully) settle down to a manageable rhythm, but right now I’ve been too busy to notice.  And eventually, with any luck, I’ll get a day off now and then, and a chance to do some real writing again, rather than these few rushed sentences.

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