11,000 miles of dead bugs and road dirt…


C.E. Grundler

It’s quite impressive. The kids pulled in last night, tired and happy, in a car covered with the traces of our nation’s highways and parks from coast to coast, along with a virtual horror show of splattered insects. There’s desert dust in the door frames, rain forest pine needles in the carpet, and “Kid tested, mother approved” Kix cereal scattered throughout. All signs of an epic road trip, one where they spent much of their time a day or two ahead of the forest fires consuming the west coast. In fact, much of their trip was re-routed to less combustable regions. And there are pictures, but everyone’s still unpacking and settling in, so this is it for now.

As for me, it’s a day off from working at the marina, which these days is anything but a day off as I try to catch up on everything else in my life.  Much to do, so it’s time to run. Days off erode fast!

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