Fall at last….

C.E. Grundler

It’s not that it’s been a long summer so much as it’s been non-stop for me since July, when I became master of a whole lot of docks.  And now that the days are growing shorter and the boating population is winding down or heading down to warmer waters, I’m finally starting to catch my breath. I’m even taking a day off, though it’s filled with catch-up… doctor’s appointments, groceries, laundry, maybe even some work on the boat and writing. Nothing like a nice relaxing day off, even as my phone still rings with calls from the fuel dock, boat deliveries, and whatever else is happening at the moment. With that concentration of boats in one place, coming by land and water, there’s always something going on. More somethings than I could begin to sum up in the brief time I have today, but I wanted to at least let you all know I’m alive and well, lean and tan and going strong. Oh… and Annabel Lee’s refurbishing is moving forward exponentially these days, and all that work is finally starting to come together. As for my writing, that seems to be taking the hardest hit at the moment, but once haul-out season is past, I’ll be looking at some long, quiet months to dive back in, armed with a vast and ever growing amount of new material.



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