Testing my patience

By Mike Jastrzebski

Sometimes I just loose my patience. Sometimes it’s because I put something off, and it sneaks up and bites me in the ass. This usually means more either more work in the long run, or life becomes a little less convenient. An example of this would be my putting off filling the propane tanks. I put off filling them because we had pulled the dinghy last week and I thought we could get through until next week. Surprise. The stove went out last night (Saturday) and I can’t get the tanks in to be filled until Monday. Mary’s not complaining because it means we had to go our for coffee this morning and we’re going out for dinner tonight. No cooking-no dishes.

Then there are the times that it seems as if the gods are against us. For example, this morning after walking Mary to work I rode the dinghy back to the boat and stated the engine, something I do every couple of weeks just to make sure it’s running right. It started right up and when I checked, water was flowing through the engine and life was great. Fifteen minutes later I went out to shut off the engine and temperature gauge was just about as high as you can get.

I shut her down and while checking out all of the possibilities I discovered that a small critter had worked its way past the through hull fitting and wedged itself into the intake hose just before the water filter. A half hour later I had the engine running, the engine temperature was perfect, and life was back on track.

For those who read the blog on regular basis, my plan is to continue posting every week from now on with a possible exception of the month of November. The reason for this is I am planning on taking part in the NaNoWriMo annual novel writing project. This takes place every November and the goal is to write a complete first draft of a novel (50,000 words) in 30 days.

This means I will have to sit down and write 1667 words every day of the month. I’ve done this twice before. The first draft of The Storm Killermy historical thriller, was written during a previous NaNoWriMo, and the first draft of Stranded Naked Blues, the third book in my Wes Darling Sailing Mystery/Thriller series, was written as a Camp NaNoWriMo project.

As a result of this project my posts will be skimpy or perhaps nonexistent in November.


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About Mike Jastrzebski

In September of 2003 my wife, Mary, and I moved aboard our 36-foot Sailboat, Roughdraft. It was our intention to take the boat south from Minnesota to warmer climates where I would write a novel. Six years later I have completed 3 mystery novels. I have published the first two books, The Storm Killer and Key Lime Blues as e-books and trade paperbacks. The third book, Dog River Blues will be released in early 2011. It is my intention to use this blog to share what I’ve learned while trying to get published. I will also blog about the trials and tribulations of living on a sailboat. We sailed the boat from Minnesota to Mobile, Alabama where we lived for two years. We also spent three months living in Key West. Currently, the boat is docked in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In 2011 we plan to take the boat to the Caribbean where we plan to drift until it is no longer fun.
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