C.E. Grundler

I’m going to be honest; the last few years have been a bit fuzzy in places, and damned erratic the rest of the time. And now it’s 2016? Already? Where’d the time go? Three words for 2016? Let’s just say they start with the letters W.T.F.  (Actually, I’ve got two so far: Acceptance, and Onward. I’m giving #3 some serious thought.)

But here I am. 2016 has arrived with a bang, or more accurately, a nice steady spark, and with the doctor’s stamp of approval I can yet again attempt to resume my life. I’ve got all this wonderful energy, which is fantastic because I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, both on the ordinary day-to-day stuff and more gratifying(?) things, such as books and boats. Life can really get backlogged without a steady pulse to keep things moving. So, for 2016, one phrase sums up my outlook for the coming year.

If you’re lucky enough to get a second chance, don’t waste it.




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One Response to 2016???

  1. gerald dowling says:

    CE, have followed your blog and know where you are coming from with your health. Have experienced the same and still here to cheer about a new and different approach to life. Please keep today in perspective and the joy that is there for you. Our time on earth is short, so write like it.

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