New Horizons…

C.E. Grundler

As I’ve said before, much of my life moves at displacement speed. Through this continuous and ongoing journey I’ve found myself re-routed, detoured, delayed and occasionally dumped right back at ‘Go’ without the complimentary $200. Dreams have shifted, goals have changed, but through it all I keep moving forward. I haven’t always ended up where I first intended but I’ve come to learn it’s much easier to make headway when you go with the flow. The publishing world is a far different place than it was when I first began writing Last Exit In New Jersey. I can only imagine where it will go in the years ahead, but I do know one thing: change leads to new horizons and new opportunities.

Just over a year ago I noticed what was happening in the epublishing world and decided to take a gamble: I would forego the traditional publishing route and release my book as an independent. It was slow at first but gradually things began to pick up. Apparently my book caught the notice of someone at Amazon and wound up in a single promotional email, and even with a slightly scrambled description, sales skyrocketed. It was a fun ride, one I knew would eventually wind down, and gradually things slowed back to a pre-promo pace. Through it all I stayed my course, working away at completing No Wake Zone, which I intended to release by late fall of 2011. But during that time, people within Amazon’s Editorial Acquisitions were watching, and apparently they liked what they saw. And I saw what they could offer me, providing the benefits of professional editing, marketing and promotion. If anyone knows epublishing, it’s Amazon, and they’ve made their contract very forward thinking and author-friendly, allowing authors to retain control over their content and covers. I liked what I saw, and I signed a two-book deal.

Last Exit In New Jersey and No Wake Zone will be published in Spring 2012 under the Thomas & Mercer imprint.

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9 Responses to New Horizons…

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  2. C.e.
    That is fantastic. If anyone has understood how marketing books works, it is Amazon. The power they have will be a phenomenal push for No Wake Zone, which will jump start Last Exit again. It will be an amazing ride to be on.


    Victoria Allman
    author of: SEAsoned: A Chef’s Journey with Her Captain

  3. Victoria,

    Thank you. When they first contacted me, my initial reaction was confusion. I didn’t even know they did acquisitions; I had no idea of the publishing imprints they’d started. But they have so much to offer, I couldn’t see any down-side. I have some very busy months ahead!

  4. John Urban says:

    That’s very exciting news.
    By the way, C.E., you were going a lot faster than displacement speed when you were on Amazon’s top-25 sales list. In fact, I believe the entire hull was out of the water and you were flying.
    You may be there again, soon.
    Congratulations, John

  5. C.E. — Wow! That’s fantastic news! Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your new book and, as a matter of fact, if you’re looking for any beta readers to give you feedback before you turn it in to your new publisher (doesn’t that sound cool?) then look my way. I’m the one over here with my hand waving in the air and silently saying “pick me, pick me.”

  6. Diane Stevens says:

    Congratulations, C.E., on a job well done!!

  7. Congratulations… this sounds like the best of both worlds, as well as a reward for all your hard work. Keep us posted.

  8. Sharon Potts says:

    That’s awesome news, C.E. So many of us are blindly exploring the independent e-book route and watching for the successes of those who’ve taken the plunge before us. Your story is very encouraging indeed! Good, good luck to you.

  9. I would like to thank everyone for your congratulations. This whole thing still has me a bit floored, but it also has me so busy I barely have time to dwell on it. I’m under a deadline to finish up No Wake Zone – a deadline I’d had myself under even before this happened, but now I have more than just myself to answer to. And now I’m also under a deadline for revisions on Last Exit; for those of you who have read it you know it runs a bit on the long side, and so now I’m working with an editor as we determine how and where to trim it down slightly without taking away from the overall story. I’ve told everyone who knows me that for the next few months I don’t exist, and my husband’s going to get used to eating lots of take-out. And on that note, it’s back to work for me!

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