Changing faces

In November of last year I published my fourth book, titled Weep No More. Unfortunately it has been the slowest selling of all of my books. I’ve tried advertising, givaways, lowering and raising the price, blogging, all to no avail. The book just hasn’t taken off. As a result I’ve decided to change the face of the book completely; new cover, new title.

The new title of the book is Mind Demons.

The book is a psychological thriller and here’s the blurb:

A hedonistic killer clashes with a dedicated investigator in this psychological thriller about the abuse of power and the hidden demons that torment the lives of ordinary people.

Linda Morgan investigates psychotherapists who are having sex with their clients. The job is bizarre, but not particularly dangerous — at least until the day she discovers she’s being stalked. Is it one of the therapists she’s investigating? Her ex-husband? The new boyfriend?

Here’s the new cover

I’d be glad to here what you think about the new title and cover.

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About Mike Jastrzebski

In September of 2003 my wife, Mary, and I moved aboard our 36-foot Sailboat, Roughdraft. It was our intention to take the boat south from Minnesota to warmer climates where I would write a novel. Six years later I have completed 3 mystery novels. I have published the first two books, The Storm Killer and Key Lime Blues as e-books and trade paperbacks. The third book, Dog River Blues will be released in early 2011. It is my intention to use this blog to share what I’ve learned while trying to get published. I will also blog about the trials and tribulations of living on a sailboat. We sailed the boat from Minnesota to Mobile, Alabama where we lived for two years. We also spent three months living in Key West. Currently, the boat is docked in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In 2011 we plan to take the boat to the Caribbean where we plan to drift until it is no longer fun.
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4 Responses to Changing faces

  1. Great cover, it is a really good tale – don’t forget to push the marketing a bit toward women, Mary loved it and so did a woman friend I recommended it to.

  2. Thanks, Richard, every woman who has read it that I’ve heard from or spoke with seemed to love it too.

  3. Katxena says:

    I never read psychological thrillers or “woman in peril” books, so I’m not the target audience for this book (although I have read all your others). But, I wanted to say how much I like the new cover. It’s compelling without being creepy or off-putting. You’ve posted the book blurb on this weblog several times, and one thing that always sticks out to me is the part that says “the job is bizarre.” I’m a social scientist, so I may live in a bubble, but every time I read that, I think “no it’s not.” At least not the way you’ve described it in the blurb. Like I said, I’m not likely to read this book, so please feel free to ignore me, but in case it’s helpful, I wanted to share that little hiccup I keep having when I read that.

  4. Katxena, I appreciate your input. You may be right about the word bizarre. I’ve struggled with the description of this book as well as the title. The book is based loosely on the job my wife held while working for the state of MN.

    We are on the process of getting our boat ready to take it to the Bahamas for a couple of months. Once there I plan to rework the bulb and I will see if I can come up with a better description.

    By the way, thank you for reading my other books. If you should decide to try Mind Demons the kindle edition will be free from Amazon 04/14/12 – 04/16/12

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